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Please take your time to look at the video from American, Belgian and French Television about Nosecaps nosefilters.  Click on the images above to view what Nosecaps can do for you .
Testimonials of Nosecaps users click here !!

This is a new and a used nosecaps after 10 hr in a mid size city . Click on the picture to enlarge.
We wouldn't drink dirty water but we don't mind breathing polluted air ?
Don't tell us we didn't warn you !
How to use your nosecaps nose filters click here

The expiry of Nosecaps perfect filters will depend on the concentration of pollutants in the environment in which you are situated and when the filter material begins to become discolored or you begin to experience allergic reactions you will know that it is time to discard the old and insert a new. So as you can see there is no average time period of use. Regarding the odors of Paint, Perfume, Gasoline etc. The filter will not filter out the odor but it will filter out the harmful particulates within those exposures. Our filtration material is composed of a Biodegradable cellulose filtration material that will filter out particulates down to .01 microns. That is microscopic.
Nosecaps nosefilters, nasenfilter, filtres nasaux, neusfilters ,
Use for: pollution, hayfever, dust mites, asthma, snoring .
S.A.R.S , Chicken flu.
Nosecaps : drugs free !!!

Nosecaps nosefilters prohibit toxic substances that are all around us in the air, to enter our body.

With Nosecaps nosefilters you can breathe as mother nature has always intended us to do, even if you have a deviation or obstruction in the nose.

Through correct breathing the natural protective mechanism is working again.

It is the correct way to eliminate or prevent dust, pollution, hayfever and allergies to get into your body.

Allergies can be treated without drugs that damage your body. 
That's the reason why there is no better treatment than Nosecaps nosefilters.

Asthma and allergies are the result of a cascade of cellular reactions that are stimulated by signals from the airborne In many cases, preventive healthcare can reduce the inconveniences of asthmatic or allergic symptoms

Nosecaps prevent the spreading of S.A.R.S. Investigations are underway in Thailand and Guanzhou to use Nosecaps as a preventionagainst the spreading of S.A.R.S ( Severe Acute respiratory Syndrome). Nosecaps are made of hypo-allergic material and are put into the nose instead of using a full-face mask. According to Dr Jean-Marie Hochepied a Belgian doctor working in Guanzhou - where S.A.R.S was first diagnosted -- Nosecaps effectively block most of the pathogenes and are preferable over standard masks as those are often re-used.

Just DO it and protect yourself with Nosecaps nosefilters : your " invisible mask'' protection!

Today, more than 6 million nosefilters are helping people to fight hayfever, dust and pollution.

you can also buy your nosecaps in pharmacies in Belgium, Nederland, Luxembourg,


Nosecaps are available in 3 sizes:

Small : for children and women up to 165cm

Medium : for women and men up to 180cm 

Large : above 180cm


You can order your nosecaps nosefilters in your pharmacy or online here.
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